On my 20th birthday, I quit rock & roll forever.

The next day, a birthday present changed my life; it was a copy of David Ogilvy’s On Advertising. I determined before finishing Chapter 2 that I was a copywriter, though I didn’t know what exactly a “copywriter” does, or how to convince an advertising agency to let me do it for them.

The next-next day, I walked into every ad agency in my hometown proclaiming “I am a copywriter!” I was turned away by all but one agency, the last one I walked into, and the first of many to come – even the ad agency David Ogilvy so famously wrote about in his book.



Drexel University

Drexel University

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Lee Clow

 ...if an idea isn't scary, it isn't an idea at all.

The United Nations

The United Nations







The best or nothing.

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Austin is a natural idea writer.
He's versatile, able to write intelligently in any category. He's patient, somehow managing to transform a committee's comments into good work long after lesser writers would have run.

Eric AroninGroup Creative Director at Ogilvy & Mather

Austin is an exceptional professional and an even better friend.
He never fails to bring a new spin of creativity to any project and is always ready for the next big challenge.

Max RidgewayVideo Producer at IBM

...during our presentation to the client, Austin eloquently (and with all the right tones and pitches) presented the manifesto. The entire room was utterly impressed.

Austin is a very talented individual on many levels–he has the ability to be creative and strategic–and put pen to paper.

Adam KornblumHead of Content Distribution at Ogilvy & Mather

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